When to Visit Bermuda

by SmarterTravel Staff

Bermuda's beach season, between April and October, is a popular time for playing in the water and sand. Through much of this time, June through September, public schools are on vacation, making it easier for families to travel. The golf and spa season, November through March, is a favorable time to come to Bermuda, as the weather is mild and pleasant. Because cruise ships only come to the island during beach season, golf and spa season is less crowded.

  • high season: April to October
  • low season: November to March

Weather Information

Bermuda experiences a mild climate that rarely becomes extremely hot or cold. High temperatures average 70 degrees during the winter (December through March), while top temperatures range from 75 to 85 degrees during the hottest months of the year, May through December. Summer is somewhat drier, although rainfall is spread fairly evenly throughout the year. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November, but most storms bypass the island, causing only high winds and some rougher surf.

Crowd Information

Typically, there are more visitors during the beach season and fewer during the golf and spa season when the cruise ships don't come to port. Public holidays and special events take place throughout the year and are busier times. Such holidays include Bermuda Day (May 24), Emancipation Day and Somers' Day (in July), and Boxing Day (December 26), as well as many holidays commonly celebrated worldwide.

Closure Information

On public holidays and Sundays, all businesses, most museums, and some shops and restaurants close. Buses and ferries operate on limited schedules. Cruises only come to port between April and November.

When to Save

Hotel accommodations are in high demand during the beach season, raising prices on rooms; however, golf and spa season offers reduced prices.

Information provided by the Bermuda Department of Tourism.

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