When to visit Guadeloupe

by SmarterTravel Staff

Guadeloupe remains a warm destination year-round, although the most popular time to visit is December through April, when people from the north come to escape cold winters. May through November is less busy. However, May through June can be an ideal time to visit when the weather is pleasant, there's no threat of hurricanes, and prices tend to be lower.

  • high season: December to April
  • low season: July to November
  • shoulder season: May to June

Weather Information

Guadeloupe's weather remains warm year-round, averaging 73 degrees in winter and 90 degrees in summer. The average relative humidity is 77 percent, and consistent trade winds keep the climate pleasant. However, there are two seasons: a dry season between February and June (with some showers, especially in the mountains) and a rainy season from July to January. There are occasional hurricanes in September and October.

Crowd Information

The most crowed time is during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Carnival (the week before Ash Wednesday) and Easter are also busy.

Closure Information

Hotels, shops, venues, and other sites mostly close during October and November because it's the low season. Some close in June and reopen in July.

When to Save

Prices are reduced May through November. They are typically the lowest during October and November because of less demand during hurricane season.

When to Book

In general, it's possible to get price reductions (with prepayment) when booking three to six months in advance. However, booking at the last minute can also yield discounted prices.

Information provided by Antilles Info Tourism.

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