When to visit Dominica

by SmarterTravel Staff

Dubbed the "Nature Island of the Caribbean," Dominica sees fewer visitors than many other islands in the area. However, for those who do visit, the most popular time is between December 15 and April 15, when people from the north escape the winter cold. Late April through September is the least popular time, when travel to the Caribbean tends to be slower in general. Because Dominica is relatively more affordable than other islands, and prices don't fluctuate by season, anytime can be a good time cost-wise.

  • high season: December to mid-April
  • low season: July to August
  • shoulder season: late April to June, September to November

Weather Information

Due to Dominica's topography and vegetation, the climate and temperatures can vary drastically depending on the season, or location and altitude on the island. Mountain areas tend to be cooler, while coastal areas tend to be warmer. Generally, temperatures can vary as much as 50 to 92 degrees in the same day. The amount of rainfall also varies, depending on which part of the island, with the most falling in the interior. July through November are the wettest months, while February through May are the driest.

Crowd Information

There are rarely times when over-crowding is a factor on Dominica, as the island does not receive very many tourists. However major festivals, such as Carnival in February and the Creole Music Festival during the last weekend in October, attract crowds.

Closure Information

Very few hotels close down during the year; however, if they do, it would be during September. Restaurants remain open year-round.

When to Save

Hotel rates are relatively low, and do not vary by season.

When to Book

Book three to four months prior to departure to get the best prices.

Information provided by the Dominica Tourist Board.

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