What Not to Do in Las Vegas

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If you think a trip to Vegas means blowing all your cash, teetering around in painful stilettos, and waking up married, think again. We're here to help you avoid the rip-offs, blisters, and epic mistakes that Sin City is known for. Here are our 10 biggest don'ts for your next Vegas vacation.


Get Long-Hauled

Filled with excitement, you deplane at McCarran International and hop into one of the cabs waiting to take tourists to area hotels. The Strip was visible from the runway, but after your cabbie exits through the airport tunnel, you seem to be driving away from the neon signs and bright lights that were so close just a moment ago. That's because you're being long-hauled. The practice of taking tourists on much longer rides than necessary via the airport tunnel is a huge problem in Las Vegas—and one that is punishable by the Nevada Taxicab Authority. Make sure to ask your cabbie to take Swenson Street and not the airport tunnel to avoid getting fleeced.

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