Tips for Caribbean Travel During Hurricane Season

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With its vast expanses of snow-white sand lined with palm trees and pina coladas topped with colorful umbrellas, the Caribbean is every tropical-island cliche brought to life. Unfortunately, paradise comes with some pitfalls, including a location spread across one of the world's most active hurricane belts. But for all the storm warnings sprawled across the headlines, traveling to the Caribbean in hurricane season is not as dangerous as you might expect—in fact, it's a great time for budget-savvy travelers to grab some of the best bargains. There are other benefits that come with hurricane season too, like low crowds at some of the most popular resorts, low humidity, and some very favorable weather (when it's good, of course).


Hurricane season officially runs from June through the end of November, although August through October is the peak and the likelihood of getting caught in a storm in June or November is minimal. Statistically, the odds of a hazard-free holiday are in your favor, but there are risks—more often of hassle than disaster—that need to be considered. It's best to be prepared, so here are some tips for traveling during the hurricane season.

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Get Travel Insurance

Hurricane-season travel comes with a risk, so no matter how thoroughly you plan your trip, you need to be prepared in case everything goes haywire. A good insurance plan with a reputable company is a must. Make sure you're covered for trip cancellation or amendments (should your flights or boats be interrupted by the weather changes) and check the fine print (if a storm was already reported at the time of booking, it may not be covered). Make sure you know what you'll need in order to make a claim; many companies will need a written statement of cancellation or amendment to validate your claim. Read about the dos and don'ts of travel insurance here.

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