Ways to find other farm-to-table destinations

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Ways to find other farm-to-table destinations

As agritourism in North America grows, more and more farm-to-table destinations are revealing themselves. Look for areas with vast farmland such as Pennsylvania and Virginia, or coastal regions like Cape Cod and Maryland's Chesapeake Bay.

Urban areas can also be farm-to-table hotbeds. For example, major cities like New York, Washington, D.C., St. Paul, and Cleveland have major farmers' markets. Cities also have some of the highest concentrations of organic cafes and restaurants.


To find local, sustainable, and seasonal food in any destination, LocalHarvest and Organic Menus have extensive restaurant databases. The Eat Well Guide also has a locator tool for producers and restaurants that feature local and sustainable ingredients. When in doubt, look for independently owned restaurants that use words like "local," "seasonal," "farm," "garden," or "foraged" on their menus. And along with information about its movement, Slow Food USA announces special events open to the public like farm dinners and tastings. And the USDA website has a national farmers' market search tool.

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