The Mediterranean Coast

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The Mediterranean Coast

"Around 4:00 a.m. I woke up and was startled to see that someone was sitting at the end of my bed. I didn't have my glasses on, it was dark, and I am blind as a bat. I figured that maybe the train [from Rome to Naples] had filled up and the poor guy had no where else to go. So I kept trying to scrunch my legs up more and more to give him room but he kept on touching my feet. Then I realized, in my sleepy state, that he was giving me a foot massage. I thought, maybe I am imagining this and then he started to unzip my sleeping bag. I woke up my friend and we both started screaming at him. The only word he knew was, "Problem? Problem?" and we just shouted, "Yes!"

Unfortunately, stories about overly aggressive male suitors, courtesy of Timber Sorochynskyi of Edmond, Oklahoma, who traveled to Italy with a friend, are not uncommon from women traveling along the Mediterranean. Another friend who works a coordinator for international exchange programs was traveling in Greece when she met a friendly, older married man who offered to take her to some off-the-beaten path sights. Younger at the time, and "more naive", she accepted. Nothing happened; in fact she said she had a great time. However, she adds, "Just when I thought everything was cool, on the way back, he stopped the car and put his hand on my leg and straight-out asked for sex. I said no, and he accepted that, and we drove back in silence."


Older and wiser, she now realizes the mistake she made. "I would advise that any woman traveling [in the Mediterranean] be on her guard about [accepting invitations]."

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