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Ireland is another destination that came up again and again in my conversations about safe destinations for women. It is known for its friendly people, beautiful countryside, and pubs that keep the Guinness flowing. When asked about women-friendly countries, travel expert Pauline Frommer says, "Ireland, absolutely. [It is] a very welcoming destination where everyone is really made to feel like family and the pubs are friendly, non-threatening places to party." She goes on to recommend Ireland's many family-owned B&Bs that allow travelers to feel part of the local culture. B&Bs are also good for meeting locals and other travelers who can share insights about where to go for a good meal, or off-the-beaten-path attractions to visit.

SmarterTravel Associate Editor Molly Feltner agrees with Frommer. In her experience, "Irish people, both men and women, are very gregarious, and the women feel no need to edit themselves or be quiet in the presence of men. The women also feel very comfortable initiating conversation with men in pubs and asking them to go on dates. There also isn't a stigma attached to women drinking." Unlike in some countries where women consuming alcohol is taboo, it's generally safe to have a beer in a pub in Ireland without attracting unwanted attention or feeling like a target.


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