Twelve Adventures for Twelve Months

by , SmarterTravel Staff - December 8, 2008 See all photo galleries
Antarctic - Adult and baby penguin

At, we pay attention to seasonality—and there may be no vacation type more susceptible to the seasons than adventure travel. With their dependence on the great outdoors, these rugged getaways should be scheduled for when conditions are at their most ideal. Thinking of going on safari this year? Or perhaps taking that long-awaited Galapagos trip? Here's a handy breakdown of some popular adventures, organized by their best months.

January: Cold Comfort in Antarctica

With sub-freezing temperatures 10 months of the year, Antarctica's tourism season is indeed short. January is the region's mid-summer season, with longer days and (somewhat) hospitable temperatures. This month also features two main draws—the hatching of baby penguins and the birth of seal pups. has a good listing of Antarctica vacation providers to help plan your next trip.

(Photo: iStockphoto/James Richey)

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