The World's Worst Tourist Traps

Blarney Stone, Ireland

A true tourist trap is a seemingly can't-miss place that offers something unique (historic, adventurous, scenic, themed), but many also run the gamut from overcrowded to overpriced, so for the sake of brevity in this gallery, we'll define our tourist traps as spots that include all three, and yet still don't quite live up to the hype. In fact, one way to save money at these trendy spots is to simply avoid them.

Blarney Stone

Believed to give anyone who kisses it the gift of gab, the Blarney Stone is also thought to give people much more than that. With hundreds of visitors each day locking lips with the granite, it may make some want to reach for the disinfecting mouthwash. Though its story is quite fantastic and well worth hearing, it's up to you whether or not it is worth waiting in a long line to possibly contract a disease. Plus, it'll cost €10 (about $13.53 U.S.; check for current exchange rates).

(Photo: brosner via Flickr. Type of CC Attribution.

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