10 Best Places to Go in Mexico

Manzanillo Beach with Umbrellas

Manzanillo, Mexico

Located more than 500 miles west of Mexico City, Manzanillo has been making its mark as a top tourist spot since the 1970s. Our readers come for the beaches and fishing, and consider this city a valuable find among the vacation destinations in the country.

Reader "ruginiz" said, "The absolute best place in all of Mexico is Manzanillo. It is a jewel situated on the pacific Mexican Riviera. Beauty, diversity, and beautiful beaches, Manzanillo has it all. The sailfish capital of the world. Some of the best food in existence. Has the best climate of all Mexican destinations. How do I know? I've traveled extensively throughout Mexico. I discovered Manzanillo in 1986 and have returned/lived here ever since! Mark my words ... 'You can't come here just once!'"

Reader "JaniceW" said, "Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico is my favorite place to visit in Mexico. Sun-washed, sparkling white buildings dot the hillsides overlooking the harbor, which has a seaside walk that is replete with statues. It's just beautiful. The former industrial town is up and coming in the tourist industry and the people there are kind and work hard for their livelihoods. As of fall 2009, their cruise ship terminal was under construction. There are so many beautiful resorts—Las Hadas, Tesoro, and more (stay away from Club Maeva, which is cheesy and awful). I will definitely go back to Manzanillo, which to me is like a Pacific coast jewel that few people know about."

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