10 Best Places to Go in Mexico

Akumal Beach

Akumal, Mexico

Not far from Cancun, Akumal gives a new meaning to the word "getaway." Translated as the "place of the turtle" in the Mayan language, this spot is an ideal location to reconvene with nature, especially of the aquatic persuasion. The small town provides a home base for those who want to soak up the sun, snorkel, or splash around in the Akumal Bay or Yal Kul Lagoon.

Reader "sweetscholar" said, "Akumal is just about perfect. Beaches are great; it's [a] very small (population 300); the lagoon is a fantastic place to snorkel; ruins are nearby; as well as snorkeling in an underwater river. Local culture and cuisine abound. Turtle headquarters provide educational opportunity. People are friendly. Great place to visit!"

Reader "byouzwak" said, "Akumal is our favorite spot in Mexico. We were able to rent a condo there for three weeks while we helped at the Hakab de biblioteca, a locally run Mayan library. We spent Halloween and the Day [of the Dead] with the children who go there. Besides being able to share their culture, we had the most beautiful beach a few steps away. We swam with turtles and lay under palm trees. The small restaurants that are in this area are superb. We walked to everything including Yal Kul Lagoon. A true paradise and wonderful cultural experience."

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