10 Best Places to Go in Mexico

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That is the best of the best according to you, our readers. However, there were a few destinations that only received one comment, but those comments were so helpful we couldn't help but share them with you.

Honorable Mentions

Reader "christa64" recommends San Miguel de Allende, and said "By far, our favorite place is the UNESCO town of San Miguel de Allende set in the mountains 3 1/2 [hours] north of Mexico City! It is a town for those who appreciate art, great food, great festivals, and colonial architecture! There are many gorgeous hotels to choose from as well as small casas and large haciendas for rent! We like to take our family there for a month for Spanish and art classes!"

Reader "janeg2007" loves Rio Caliente, and said, "The best place to go in Mexico for a wonderful and relaxing trip is Rio Caliente outside of Guadalajara. Rio is an oasis in a state park. Wonderful hot springs from the local volcano heat the pool. Great hikes in the mountains every morning before a wonderful and healthy breakfast. Clean casitas are where you stay. Lots of yoga and spa treatments if you want. Also trips into town. Wonderful, clean, and inexpensive. I have been there three times and want to go back!"

Reader "LindyMegan" is a fan of Playa Carrizalillo, and said, "Playa Carrizalillo is a haven among the resorts along the coastline of Mexico. One of the northernmost beaches of Puerto Escondido. No more than a dozen people are ever on the beach at a time. Chairs and umbrellas abound with locals ready to serve you a freshly hacked coconut or a plate of grilled shrimp. Gentle waves and a slow slope into the water make it a perfect place to lie on your back and float along. It's also a great cove to watch the sunset from—be sure to look behind you as you hike back up the steep staircase built into the cliff wall. The view is breathtaking."

What do you think of this list? Do you have a favorite place we may have missed? Please add your comments below. Plus, keep an eye out for future reader galleries where you can share your own memorable travel experiences.

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