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Bhutan Prayer Wheels

This photo was taken by Jeff Tidwell from Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The photo was taken in Paro (Western Bhutan) in October of 2003. I was accompanied by a local guide whom I met at the boarder as travel in Bhutan alone is not allowed. I spent the night in the Druk Hotel, which is just over the border on the Bhutan side, and then departed with him the next morning.

I'm not sure of what changes have been made recently if any, but at the time, Bhutan had only one road, which traversed the entire country. As I recall, I think the trip took five hours to travel from the Indian border to Paro, and the way was marked by thick forest similar to areas in Washington and Oregon, with steep mountainsides along this narrow and dangerous road, and with ocassional prayer wheels ...

As you may already know, Bhutan is a difficult place to enter, but well worth the effort. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia and from 1991 to 2006, I lived there almost every year [for] an average of six months. Asia has been the place I prefer to travel, but I am interested in other areas as well. I was living in Utah at the time, but now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada."

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