Our Readers' 15 Favorite Beaches

by - January 30, 2010 See all photo galleries
Aruba Beach

Baby Beach, Aruba

Located in Seroe Colorado at the southeastern tip of Aruba, Baby Beach surrounds a serene lagoon. A refreshment stand is available for those in need of a snack, but not many people stay on shore. Our readers were mesmerized by the shallow waters which eventually lead to a kaleidoscope of colorful fish in the deeper sea.

Reader leonidas said, "Baby Beach on the southern tip of Aruba is a new favorite. Frequented by locals (who must know something) it has a myriad of fish to view in warm and beautiful waters on a nice white sand beach cooled by Aruba's constant trade winds. Shallow for the most part and very calm."

Reader merrie57 added, "Baby Beach in Aruba is quiet [and] very large with white sand. It starts off ... [with] waters [so] shallow that a baby could play in. The farther you walk out or swim, the deeper it gets until you start seeing beautiful tropical fish. I referred to it as one giant bathtub."

(Photo: iStockphoto/Denis Jr. Tangney)

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