Classic Treks Around the World

by , SmarterTravel Staff - March 10, 2008 See all photo galleries
Sign for Mt. Everest Base Camp, Himalayas, Nepal

Many of the world's most rewarding adventures are not one-shot thrills or technically challenging endeavors that require an advanced skill level, but multi-day treks that bring you deep into the wilderness—challenging, inspiring, and transforming you along the way. To highlight some of the best hikes around the world, I turned to outdoor adventure writer Peter Potterfield, who's currently on tour discussing his latest book, Classic Hikes of the World. What follows are brief excerpts from 10 of the 23 journeys described in his book, along with some basic trip planning tips I compiled. To get the full details, you'll have to buy the book.

Mt. Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal

You may not have the stamina, skill, or $65,000 required to climb Mt. Everest, but most people in good shape can trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, the staging ground for most summit attempts. "An adventure in the human arena as much as in the natural one, the 35-mile walk to Mt. Everest may be the premier mountain journey of our time," writes Potterfield. "Everest is a worthy destination, but the day-by-day magic worked by the Khumbu region of Nepal and its Sherpa people is what makes the way so memorable."

You can trek on your own, but most people prefer to sign up with an outfitter, which usually includes porters, guides, and accommodations. Many outfitters run Everest treks. On the more affordable side, GAP Adventures offers 15-day treks for $915.


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