Affordable Spas at Home and Abroad

by , SmarterTravel Staff - September 15, 2008 See all photo galleries
Facial massage

Usually a spa getaway means a splurge—you'll relax and get pampered, but at a pretty price. However, not all spa vacations mean you have to drain your stress and your wallet. I've rounded up 10 possibilities that promise bliss for less.

Spa Eastman, Quebec

About an hour outside Montreal, Spa Eastman is a destination spa offering hair, body, massage, and beauty treatments, as well as naturopathic consultations and services. Two-night all-inclusive packages featuring accommodations, meals, activities and workshops, and three spa treatments start at $515 CAD per person (about $484 U.S., see for current exchange rates). First-time visitors can also download a $50 coupon for stays of two nights or more.

(Photo: Jacob Wackerhausen/iStockPhoto)

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