How to Snack Like a Local in Europe

by , SmarterTravel Staff - July 11, 2014
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With so much food in the world to try, every traveler needs an excuse to snack between meals. Happily, many European countries build snacking right in to their culinary culture. In some places, it's a light snack with a drink at the end of the day, in others, a sweet mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Head to the right country and you might even find a late-morning bite to bridge the wide gap between breakfast and lunch. Hungry? Then let's go.


Cicchetti in Venice

Cicchetti (or cicheti, if you're spelling it the Venetian way) are small snacks found at bacari, small casual bars packed with locals in the early evenings. Usually displayed in a glass cabinet that's part of the bar counter, these finger foods can come on toothpicks or on slices of baguette.

Don't Miss: Arancini (fried risotto balls) and baccala mantecato (dried salt-cod puree on crusty bread).

Where to Try It: Cantinone Gia' Schiavi in the Dorsoduro district or Corte Sconta in the Castello neighborhood.

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