How to Pack Formal Wear

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(Photo: Yiie via flickr/CC Attribution)
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(Photo: Yiie via flickr/CC Attribution)

Whether you're attending a wedding, an event that calls for cocktail attire, or a formal night at sea, it's imperative to pack smart. After all, dressy occasions essentially require a traveler to pack twice the clothes: one casual set and one formal set. Moreover, intelligent packing is crucial for keeping expensive and delicate clothes—from wedding gowns to suits—wrinkle- and rip-free. With that in mind, here's our guide to packing formal wear, including tips on what to bring and how to get it in your suitcase.


Use Your Airline's Closet

Protect your dress or suit from wrinkles and various overhead-bin hazards by storing it in the closet on the plane. Not all planes have closets (when they do, they're often in first or business class), so you'll need to contact your airline to be sure that you'll have a place to hang your item. Once onboard, ask a member of the flight crew if he or she will hang your garment. Flight crew isn't obligated to put your chiffon bridesmaid dress in the plane's closet, so ask nicely. You're basically dependent on their graciousness in this case.

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