How to Get a Better Seat Next Time You Fly

by - March 5, 2014
Business-Class Seating on Singapore Airlines 747 (Photo: Jordan Tan/

(Photo: Business-Class Seating on Singapore Airlines via Jordan Tan/

Everyone gripes about economy-class air travel, and sometimes with good reason. But here are 10 strategies to fly in a bit more comfort.


Courtesy of Airfarewatchdog.

Don't Fall for the "Only Premium-Economy Seats Are Available" Ploy

So you booked a fare on American, Delta, United, or some other airline that has economy as well as "premium" economy seating, and when you go to choose a seat, the website tells you that only the more expensive premium-economy seats are available. This doesn't mean that you won't eventually get a seat assignment (if you get involuntarily bumped, that's another story, but it rarely happens). Don't cough up the extra money for a premium seat. If, in fact, all the "cheap" seats are taken, you'll get a premium-economy seat when you check in. You can also try calling the airline directly to see if they'll give you a seat assignment.

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