Forgot Something? Airport Vending Machines Can Help!

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We have nothing against Cheetos and soda, but we prefer our vending machines stocked with wholesome treats and handy products—especially when we're on the road. Automatic kiosks at airports, which began popping up in hubs around the world in the late 2000s and have since become quite common, offer an array of useful products available at the push of a button. It's an interesting concept: Travelers can feel less frantic about forgetting to pack some essential thing because they know that a vending machine will readily dispense a phone charger or some mascara. And the kiosks, for the most part, stay open around the clock.


Here are seven awesome airport vending machines that could prove quite convenient on your next trip.

Benefit Cosmetics Glam Up & Away! Beauty Kiosks

Benefit Cosmetics has set up what it calls "beauty kiosks," (a clever marketing name that sounds a lot fancier than "vending machines") in some U.S. airports. In terminals in at least 10 airports across the country, you'll find 30 of the brand's most popular products, including cover-up and mascara, for sale in cute soft-pink machines designed to look like girly little buses, wheels and all. The cosmetics company plans to install a total of 25 machines in U.S. airports by the end of the year, which is really good news for those of us cursed with puffy raccoon eyes and pallid skin after long hours in a plane.

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