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The city boasts a strong European flavor, with cobbled streets, chic restaurants, and a lively atmosphere. Come in April for the Feria del Libro, the annual book fair, or in May for the Feria de Galerias de Arte, an arts festival.

The seasonal savings are clear when comparing the cost of airfare and accommodations in the spring against the cost in the summer. Looking at vacation packages from popular providers, you can see a price difference of $100 or more between the seasons.

Package Provider Off-Peak rate Summer rate
Five nights in Buenos Aires Gate 1 Travel $739 (April 9 to May 28) $899 to $909 (June 11 to August 13)
Six nights in Buenos Aires and Mendoza Go-Today $1,299 (January 11 to June 9) $1,439 (June 10 to August 21)
Seven nights in Buenos Aires and Bariloche FreeGate Tours $1,679 (December 25 to June 17) $1,744 to $1,831 (June 18 to August 15)

Prices are based on flights from New York and hotel double occupancy and were on found the providers' websites. Rates vary by departure date and may be higher for stays over holidays.

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This feature is the first 2005 installment of our off-peak travel series. Stories covering the top off-peak destinations for summer, fall, and winter will be published later this year. For general off-peak travel planning strategies, read our feature Low season, low cost: Five tips for off-peak travel.

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