The top five bargain destinations for spring 2005

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Donkey hauling flowers in Michoacan, Mexico (Photo: Bruce Herman/Mexico Tourism Board)
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With the weak dollar and the rise of the euro, finding bargain travel destinations this spring isn't as easy as it's been in years past. However, there are still plenty of choices for the traveler on a budget. We've been watching travel trends, current events, and exchange rates to determine the top five bargain destinations for spring 2005.

Our top five picks for spring travel are Mexico; Buenos Aires; Thailand, Maldives, and Sri Lanka; China; and the Azores.



The U.S. dollar hasn't suffered against Mexico's peso the way it has against the euro and the pound and the variety of offers this season is especially noteworthy. Deals are available not just in a single city or beach destination, but across the country. This is good news for people who want to hit the hotspots and for those who want to head off the beaten path. Book just after Easter and spring break to avoid crowds and the highest prices. Rates for travel in May and June drop significantly.

Mexico's appeal extends beyond that of just a bargain destination. Its close proximity to the U.S. and abundance of airlines willing to fly there make for easier travel. With airlines such as AeroMexico, American Eagle, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Mexicana, Spirit, and United expanding routes and increasing flight frequency to Mexico, travelers this year will have more options. Fares are also competitively low, with many flights hovering between $200 and $300 round-trip.

At press time, Expedia,, Pleasant Holidays, and other online companies were offering air-and-hotel packages. Sample prices include a three-night stay in Mazatlan with airfare from Los Angeles for $343 per person (Expedia), or $591 per person for four nights in Puerto Vallarta with airfare from Chicago (Pleasant Holidays). For an overview of the current noteworthy Mexico vacation packages, check

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Buenos Aires

It may be called the Paris of the South, but it doesn't use the euro. The current exchange rate favors the U.S. dollar; however, the Argentina peso is slowly rising against the U.S. dollar, so this excellent value may not last long.

The best deals we've seen so far for spring travel are coming from air-and-hotel package providers; in some cases, these package prices cost less than the price of an airline ticket alone.,, and all have packages that include airfare and hotel accommodations, starting from around $100 per day per person. For up-to-date information on packages to Argentina, check the vacation section.

Those who want more flexibility than a package provides can benefit from reasonably priced accommodations: Equivalent hotels in Buenos Aires cost a fraction of the price of hotels in popular European cities.

As an added bonus, the southern hemisphere is midway into its summer season, offering warm, comfortable temperatures for vacations this time of year. In addition, it's an easy trip: The time difference is minimal, so travelers may experience very little jet lag (or none at all).

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Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka

The thought of travel to a country affected by December's tsunami requires a delicate balance between respect for the lives changed by the disaster and the reality that these countries depend heavily on tourism. In recent weeks, tourism councils, government organizations, and travel providers in such countries have made appeals for visitors, saying that tourism will be an important part of the region's economic recovery.

According to the World Travel Organization (WTO), most of the areas affected by the tsunami were not tourist destinations. As the winter months are usually high season for countries such as Thailand, the low occupancy rates at hotels and resorts in untouched areas are already having a real impact. A Tourism Authority of Thailand deputy minister announced recently that spring will bring deep discounts on airline tickets, airport fees, and hotels. Already, regional low-cost carrier Tiger Airways has announced $9.98 one-way tickets.

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