Favorite International (Non-U.S.-based) Airline

by SmarterTravel Staff
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Of those expressing a preference in international carriers, British Airways came out on top with 11 percent of the vote. Lufthansa (10.5 percent) and Singapore Airlines (9.2 percent) rounded out the top three.

Leave us a comment and let us know what influences you most when buying an international ticket. Is it always the best price? Flight schedules or number of layovers? Since you showed less brand loyalty when it comes to jetting overseas compared to domestic carriers, we'd like to know what's important to you when booking these longer flights.


First Place: British Airways
Second Place: Lufthansa
Third Place: Singapore Airlines

Voting Breakdown

Airline Percentage of Votes Received
British Airways 11.1%
Lufthansa 10.5%
Singapore Airlines 9.2%
Virgin Atlantic 6.6%
Air France 5.5%
KLM 3.5%
Cathay Pacific 3.4%
Air Canada 3.1%
Qantas 2.9%
Aer Lingus 2.0%
Alitalia 1.5%
Air Jamaica 1.2%
El Al 1.2%
Korean Air 1.1%

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