9 Crazy Cat Destinations for Feline Aficionados

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(Photo: eva101 via flickr/CC Attribution)

"If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat," said Mark Twain. Cat people know this sentiment to be true. Appreciative of the fact that felines are the unwittingly adorable overlords of the animal world, we're drawn to destinations where cats rule. If you're missing a snuggle with your tabby or pining for that feeling that something is watching you, head to the following nine destinations, where you can scratch your cat itch, curl up with a purring fur ball, or even adopt a new companion.


The Cat Boat, Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Poezenboot, or Cat Boat, bills itself as the only animal sanctuary that floats. While we can't confirm that, we do know that the Poezenboot is unique. It's a houseboat-turned-cat shelter set along the city's picturesque and popular central canal ring. In exchange for a small donation, visitors can climb on board and spend some time with the adoptable felines. (Or lend a hand from your hometown with an online donation.) I visited the Poezenboot in Amsterdam a few years ago when I was missing my stateside kitties. Like most houseboats, it's a tiny space. But it's cozy, and it provides a welcome cat fix for traveling feline owners.

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