Best Improvements in Air Travel in 2013

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Fees, mergers, shrinking seats ... enough with the bad news! Believe it or not, certain consumer-facing elements of air travel improved in 2013. New planes and airlines with flashy high-tech features debuted. Wi-Fi arrived in more cabins. And even the TSA made a few smart moves. Our conclusion? The sky's the limit for 2014. Here's a look at nine positive changes that shook up the air industry this year.


Eased In-Flight Electronic-Device Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced in October that passengers were permitted to use electronic devices during all phases of a flight, including takeoff and landing. We still have to pay attention to that safety briefing, but no longer are we forced to terminate our screen time during those first and final moments of air travel. Passengers can watch videos, listen to music, or play Candy Crush Saga gate to gate and beyond. This change may benefit anxious travelers in particular, who can self soothe with empowering Lady Gaga anthems as the plane rattles down the runway and lifts into the sky.

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