America's 10 Coolest Hotel Conversions

by - December 14, 2013
(Photo: Craddock Terry Hotel)

(Photo: Craddock Terry Hotel)

Standard rooms are anything but standard in America's 10 coolest hotel conversions. These properties give you the chance to sleep in delightfully unexpected places: former jails, factories, elementary schools, and even 19th-century communes. Thanks to some clever reinventions, you can doze off in a classroom or dine in the clink. Read on for where to find these repurposed landmarks, two of which are set to open in 2014.


The Liberty Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

Converted: 1851 Charles Street Jail

Boston's most notorious criminals once occupied rooms in this building at the foot of Beacon Hill. Today, you pay a premium to sleep in the luxurious former slammer, where reminders of life behind bars are everywhere. The building retains original iron catwalk railings that now ring the lobby atrium, jail cells in Clink restaurant, and interior exposed brick walls. Instead of a traditional "Do Not Disturb" sign, The Liberty Hotel uses a "Solitary" sign with a jailer's key. Check out the gallery just off the lobby, with a cell-block facade, historical photos, and a 16-minute video about the hotel's past. If you want to plot your escape, the hotel's running concierge will show you the way.

Rates: Starting at $349

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