10 Ways Airlines Are Like Your Ex

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Dealing with airline hassles can feel eerily like being trapped in a bad relationship. Airlines, like too many exes, specialize in poor communication, have perfected the bait and switch, and come with serious baggage issues. Here are 10 sometimes-surprising ways that airlines borrow from the bad-ex playbook and may leave you ready to search elsewhere for a healthy relationship.


They're Poor Communicators

Poor communication dooms a relationship. Your ex may well have had trouble sharing his or her feelings, leaving you frustrated and clueless. And while airlines don't have feelings to hide, they do a stellar job of making passengers feel frustrated and clueless all the same. Carriers regularly bury key information about ancillary charges such as baggage fees. They often do a poor job of announcing delays. And, for whatever reason, they love to change departure gates at the last minute without keeping passengers in the loop effectively.

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