10 Totally Unique (or Wacky) Ways to Travel

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(Photo: Clissman Horse Caravans)
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(Photo: Clissmann Horse Caravans)

Road trip? Been there. Caribbean cruise? Done that. Simply jetting off for the weekend? Yawn. Ditch that everyday vacation and, instead, embark on a truly wild adventure. We've uncovered 10 kinds of wacky, totally unique ways to see the world, from horse caravans through Ireland to rocket-ship rides through space—perfect for giving your travel bug a bit of pick-me-up.


Freighter Cruise

Perfect For: The traveler whose idea of minimalism is less modern art and more bunk-beds-and-cargo-holds.

Who Can Take You: Australia-based Freighter Expeditions or U.S-based Maris.

We were inspired by this hilarious New Yorker article by Patricia Marx, who embarked on a three-week-long freighter cruise as it "galumph[ed] across the sea" from the U.S. to Hamburg, Germany. If galumphing sounds right up your shipping lane, then take heed. Freighter cruises offer little in the way of luxury—most cargo ships were never intended to take on passengers—but they do offer the opportunity to see unique ports of call on unusually long journeys (some as many as 130 days at sea). Ships don't often come equipped with Internet and may only have one satellite phone (meaning sushi buffets and lido decks are but distant dreams). However, you'll have plenty of time for uninterrupted R&R while aboard a working cargo ship, and since the passenger lists average four to 12, seeing another soul is rare.

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