10 Things We Wish All Airlines Did

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To say there's room for improvement in the airline industry is a clear understatement. Between baggage fees, customer-service fails, and hellish flight delays, most carriers consistently keep our expectations at tarmac level. It's about time for the airlines to do a better job, and we know just where they should start. Across the board, all airlines should make an effort to execute the following 10 ideas.


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Sell a la Carte Tickets

Amtrak does it. A few airlines, like JetBlue, AirTran, and Southwest, do it too. They have an a la carte pricing scheme. They sell one-way fares that cost the same amount per mile as round-trip tickets. Still, the major legacy carriers continue to sell us one-way or open-jaw tickets at exorbitant, cringe-worthy prices. The reason they pummel us like this is because business travelers often buy one-way tickets and their companies will eat the costs. Therein, the legacy airlines force all one-way travelers, whether flying for business or pleasure, to try tricky schemes like buying throwaway or hidden-city tickets in order to find affordable fares. Let's stop playing these silly pricing games, airlines. Give us fair fares.

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