10 Terrifying Bridges You Need to See to Believe

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Cover: Trift Bridge - Alps, Switzerland
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(Photo: Trift Bridge, Switzerland via Shutterstock)

If you suffer from gephyrophobia (fear of bridges), click away now. From bridges so frightening that people will pay someone else to drive their car across to bridges that are just plain dangerous, these 10 bridges are the world's scariest. Are you brave enough to make it to the end of this story?


Trift Bridge, Switzerland

The fearful should visit Trift Bridge in good weather. In windy conditions, the suspension bridge can sway more than 20 feet. The 560-foot-long bridge rewards brave pedestrians with stunning views of the Swiss Alps, if they can manage to look around without feeling too much vertigo! (The Trift Bridge is open from June through October.)

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