10 Places in Europe You Never Thought You Could Afford

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It'll take more than a discreetly tucked money belt to protect your cash in Europe's most expensive cities. Here's how to experience London, Paris, Venice, and other delightful destinations for a whole lot less than the average traveler.


Oslo, Norway

First, the bad news: Oslo earned top billing in our recent list of the world's most overpriced travel destinations, and the Norwegian capital makes it onto just about every other list, survey, and report about the most expensive places to live or visit, too.

But here's the better news: If you're determined, creative, and well informed, you can beat the high prices. Anyone willing to settle for modest accommodations has plenty of affordable options, including hostels, pensions, and guest houses ( is a good place to start your search). Opt for free attractions like the Vigeland sculpture park and the Akershus Fortress, enjoy the abundance of free parks and gardens, and explore the many beautiful islands accessible by ferry.

If You Want to Save: Don't visit in late fall during the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies, when accommodations prices are sky-high. And if you've been meaning to do a cleanse, do it during your visit. Alcohol is particularly expensive in Oslo, so you'll save a lot by skipping the drink.

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