10 Hacks for Making the Most of Your Hotel Breakfast

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Turn that boring hotel breakfast buffet gourmet. Upon first glance, those trays of scrambled eggs, fruit, muffins, and hash browns might seem a bit bland, to put it kindly. But with a little ingenuity (and perhaps a splash of hot sauce), guests can save calories, earn good karma, and upgrade the standard hotel breakfast fare from crummy to yummy. Here are 10 hotel-breakfast hacks to try on your next trip.


Make a Yogurt Parfait

Transform a continental array of cold cereal, fruit, and yogurt into something you'd find at a chic cafe. Layer cereal or a crushed granola bar, yogurt, and sliced fruit in a bowl or cup—it looks especially pretty in a clear glass—for a wholesome, sweet, and crunchy yogurt parfait. If available, add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup for some extra sugary goodness. A traveler on the go might want to skip the glass and add mix-ins directly to a container of yogurt for a more portable parfait.

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