10 Food Fads Worth Traveling for

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Woman Holding a Cronut (Photo: Shutterstock)
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(Photo: Woman Holding Cronut via Shutterstock)

The most memorable food fads combine familiar favorites in unorthodox ways, cooking up new unions that run the gamut from weird to wonderful. We've been hot on the trail of these treat trends that inspire people to weather long lines, pay high prices, and even resort to the black market for the chance at a taste. From cronuts to crookies, and umami burgers to Japadogs, these latest food fads are worth traveling for, so pack a fork and hit the road.



For now, the cronut reigns supreme in the world of fanciful food fads. All other fads measure themselves against the breakout popularity of this doughnut made with croissant dough. While some insist that this deep-fried croissant has been around for decades, trademark rights go to Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, where people endure long waits and pay $5 per cronut (with a limit of two per person). If the wait is too long and you're willing to spend more, score one on Craigslist, where cronuts sell for around $30 each. You can find plenty of similar attempts (all with different names on account of that whole copyright thing) in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Singapore, and other cities around the globe.

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