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The Joy of Miles
Short of actually traveling, the most lucrative source of frequent flyer miles is using a rewards credit card. The hard part: choosing a card. Tim Winship has more

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Stories from Our Partners
There is one big question that has yet to be answered: What if terrorists attack at sea?read more
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Seniors on the Go
For most of us, big airports are among the world's most hostile environments. Crowds, noise, long lines, inadequate seating, and garbled announcements are the norm. Fortunately, even occasional travelers can avail themselves of the road warriors' refuges: VIP airline lounges. Mostly, you'll have to pay, but an oasis of calm can be worth a few more

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Taking the Kids
Eileen Ogintz raves about Aulani, Disney's newest resort and its first in Hawaii. What's to love? Just about everything, says more

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Some estimates put the cost of a semester abroad at $8,000. But how much do you really need to enjoy the perks of a semester overseas?read more

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Here are the stops you should make along the way between Melbourne and Cairns—and where to go if you want to experience more than just one city in more