Le Meridien: Choose Free Breakfast, Room Discounts, More

Travelers staying at Le Meridien hotels can choose from the following offers:

  • Breakfast for two and a late check-out
  • Up to 35 percent off your daily room rate
  • A free night after your third- or fourth-night stay, or two free nights with five- and six-night stays

At publication time, no expiration date was listed for these offers.

Some popular Le Meridien hotels include:

For more information or to book, visit the Global Choice page on the Starwood Hotels/Le Meridien Hotels website.

Also, be sure to compare prices for your hotel room with our price-comparison tool.

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All rates are subject to availability. Prices are per room per night and exclude taxes. Some blackout dates may apply. All prices, dates, and booking details listed here were valid at the time of publication. Some information may have changed since that time.

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