Step 4: Specialty discounts

If you are a [[Student Travel | student]], a senior, or have a [[Family Travel | family]], there are often special deals just for you. Visit the specialty sections on our website, or consider these options:



  • Search for specific deals in's senior section.
  • Seniors have many ways to save on hotel stays. For those ages 50 and over, AARP provides members with up to 50 percent off rates at hotel companies across the world. Certain hotels, such as Best Western, Days Inn, and Hilton, also have their own special seniors-only rates. Be sure to compare the senior rate with other types of discounted rates, as the AARP discount won't necessarily provide the best deal.
  • For even more benefits, seniors can join Hilton's Senior HHonors program. When they stay at participating properties, they'll receive special privileges, exclusive benefits, and personal attention. They are also guaranteed to receive rates lower than any other capacity-controlled daily discounted rate, or any AARP discounted rate. Plus, they'll earn hotel points and miles for all their stays.
  • Sometimes the best lodging deals for seniors are not at hotels at all. There are home-stay programs designed specially for seniors, such as the Evergreen B&B Club, which let seniors stay for under $25 a night.


  • Check for a listing of all family hotel deals.
  • Children under 18 stay free and/or receive free meals at many hotels. In addition, hotels may offer special suites, activities, babysitting services, and treats for kids.

Frequent flyers:

  • [[Frequent Flyer Programs | Frequent flyers]] can earn miles for hotel stays at locations around the world. In addition, many airlines offer limited-time bonuses, so you can earn even more miles.
  • However, in most cases you will have to choose between earning frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty program points. Read Step 5 of this guide for more information on earning and redeeming hotel points. At Hilton HHonors hotels, you can "double dip" and earn both miles and points for the same stay.
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