10,000 Bonus Points for Radisson Stays in Canada

Rather than a network-wide promotion, or a hodgepodge of individual-hotel offers, this summer Carlson has opted for a series of separate regional promotions, featuring different offers for hotel stays in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

The latest: a bonus for stays at Radisson hotels in Canada.

Offer Details

Through August 31, Club Carlson members can earn 10,000 bonus points for two-night weekend stays (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights) at 15 participating Radisson hotels in Canada.

To earn the bonus, stays must be booked using the promotion code GPPWKND.

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Deal or No Deal

Club Carlson members normally earn 20 points per $1. So two nights totaling $200 would earn 4,000 points. Adding the 10,000-point bonus to that amounts to earning triple points, and then some. Nice!

But all is not as it seems.

That promotion code? It would more accurately be called a rate code. And the rates associated with it are -- surprise! -- higher than those that don't come bundled with bonus points.

For example, advance-purchase rates for a weekend stay at the Toronto Airport Radisson average $90.47 per night, and the lowest-available non-advance-purchase rate is $113.08.

But when the required GPPWKND promotion code is specified, the average nightly rate increases to $122.63.

In other words, you'll be paying extra to earn the miles. That would be fine if it were explicitly stated that that was the case. But it isn't.

As a result, this offer borders on the misleading. Promotion codes normally allow booking at the lowest-available rate. This one doesn't, and there's no indication that consumers would be paying a premium to earn the bonus.

What this amounts to, really, is a buy-miles promotion. But because the premium for the points seems to vary by hotel, the promotion doesn't even offer a consistent price-per-point.

Reader Reality Check

When you're directed to use a promotion code when booking, do you assume you'll be charged extra for the bonus?

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