La Quinta Inn Auburn Worcester
La Quinta Inn Auburn Worcester
446 Southbridge Street, Auburn, Massachusetts
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Good price for the room. desk receptionist was a little moody.
its close to the rink where my sons college plays main reason we stay there Before it became la quinta it was the baymont we liked it better because they had some GREAT employes there was a deaf woman who was great she found my husbnads wallet one time and another she was in the breakfast area and offered me a tray in all my years of staying at hotels for hockey trips since my son was 8 traveling no one ever offered me one I would try to take some things from the breakfast up to my kids b4 they would shut it down she was great I donmt know if La Quinta fired or but havent seen it since they took over The people when it was baynont were better There was a guy at check inm who was alwys so nice also hes gone too They got rid of GREAT peopl e