Best Western Concord Inn & Suites
Best Western Concord Inn & Suites
97 Hall Street, Concord, New Hampshire
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Best Western's can vary in quality, this one was just OK. It wasn't too far from an Olive Garden and that's good.
We like the hotel. We stay there yearly when we are in town for a conference.
It was nice and clean; I only stayed for one night.
It was as nice as expected.
Stayed at this hotel for a wedding. Found the day manager to be rude and unwelcoming in general especially concerning the fact that the night manager was kind enough to give us a price break before arriving. Day manager made it a point of telling me that it was unacceptable for night manager to have done this and that the night manager got in trouble for doing this. Made me feel as if I had done something wrong by getting price break. I also felt responsible for night manager getting in trouble.