Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta - Ravinia (Perimeter Center)
Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta - Ravinia (Perimeter Center)
4355 Ashford-Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, Georgia
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every thing was good
In general the staff was very well trained and exceeded my expectations, along with the expectations of other conference attendees. The only major problem I encountered was with the front desk staff during check in when they had our payment arraingments incorrect and asked that I pay for the room even though other arraingments had been made and agreed upon when the reservation was made in advance. The conference I attended is going to be held there again this year and I am looking forward to staying at this hotel again.
Nice hotel with close proximity to good shopping. One big drawback is that it is not near the airport and does not offer a shuttle. Transportation to and from the airport is very expensive.
I will never stay here on my own. The reservation was not right and no one wanted to correct it. Instead they said do it at check out. Was wrong then also and I ended up paying for the stay instead of the company that booked me in there. This was not my first time staying here. I used to stay here before.
The proximity to the mall made this an excellent location. Further, the hotel food and it's cost was an excellent value. The meeting rooms were sized well for out meeting, but they were typically too cold for me. My room was comfortable, but the air felt moist when the temperature was comfortable.
The temperature in the meeting rooms was VERY cold. The rooms were well appointed. I was annoyed that the wireless internet was not free.
Nice Hotel with a beautiful lobby and grounds. Friendly Staff and efficient handling of the convention. The Food was excellent with good service except for our last meal. The Service was slow as if no one know who was responsible for our table.