Louisville Marriott East
Louisville Marriott East
1903 Embassy Square Boulevard, Louisville, Kentucky
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It was very clean and nice. They accomadated hundreds of guests for the week and even though an elevator was not working they gave us snacks and treats for the inconvence, and I never had to wait more than a minute or two for the elevator. The location is very convient to the freeway. The rooms were great.
Nice location,easy to find,clean and friendly with good quick service and nice appointments
This is a very nice hotel. The staff was nice. The pool area was wonderful.
The company I work for held a meeting at this hotel on Monday, October 5. We were expecting around 70 attendees. As a rule, I always check out the meeting rooms and nearby rest rooms prior to the meeting in case there are concerns. By doing it early, it allows time to get corrected. I checked in on Sunday, October 4 at 12:20 p.m. I dropped my bags off in my room and then went to see where our meeting was going to be held. I checked out the ballroom and then went to check the restrooms (I could only check the men's room since no female was with me at the time.) On Sunday afternoon, paper towels were overflowing from the trash bins in the men's room. Beer cans were sitting on the urinals. The sinks had not been cleaned. When a female co-worker arrived I asked her to check the women's room and said it had paper towels overflowing in the trash as well. The hotel was dead Sunday afternoon - there was nothing happening so this trash had to have been there since Saturday. The morning of Monday, October 5th, I went to begin the set-up for the meeting. I checked on the condition of the restrooms again and found they were still in the same shape as I found them on Sunday. When I checked out of my room at 10:25 a.m., I mentioned to the front desk supervisor, that the public restrooms near the ballroom where our meeting was going to be held had yet to be serviced. He said he would 'get right on it.' We were expecting people to begin arriving for the meeting around 12:30 p.m. and I thought that was plenty of time to get the restrooms cleaned. Just before the meeting was to start, I checked the restrooms again and found they were still a mess. If fact, nothing had been done to the men's or women's restroom ALL DAY Monday even though I and two others in our group complained to the hotel staff that the public restrooms near the ballroom had not been serviced. When we left our meeting at 4:30 p.m. the restrooms were still in the same unclean condition as we found them that morning and actually as I found them on Sunday, October 4th when I checked into the hotel. Two days these restrooms went uncleaned! My only regret was that I did not take pictures with my cell phone to be able to show you. This hotel is a poor example of a Marriott. It was embarrassing to us and to our meeting guests! The hotel staff was unresponsive to our concerns. Even in my room (817), the top of my TV armoire looked like it had not been dusted in weeks. This information was communicated to our meeting planner and unfortunately, we will not be hosting a meeting there again, nor, would I stay at that Marriott for business or pleasure. I have never stayed at a Marriott that I felt was so unclean and unkempt.