Gainesville Knights Inn
Gainesville Knights Inn
2820 NW 13th St, Gainesville, Florida
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It was kind of dirty- stains on the walls and comforters, and the headboard fell off of the bed. Thankfully they didn't try to charge us for this. It's great if you're looking for a trashy hotel, unfortunately, it's not priced like one. We were also under the impression that it was very close, within a mile, from University and 6th, where our event took place, but this was not the case. It took us close to an hour to walk there. It is not very secure either. Our room had a glass door that's only lock was a small bar.
This room was dirty. The headboard fell off of the bed, there were holes in the wall and stains on the comforters and mattresses. The room wasn't secure at all-- the door was glass with only a small rod keeping it shut. Not a good value for the money.