Best Western Roundhouse Suites
Best Western Roundhouse Suites
891 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts
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My expectations regarding transportation to be provided gratis were not met satisfactorily. The hotel was adequate otherwise.
I did not like that it was in an inconveinent location, and that it did not have a restaurant. I did like the staff a lot and the shuttle service. The continental breakfast was pretty good too.
This location was said to be in a bad part of the city but I thankfully had no issues. The room rates were fair and the shuttle service was excellent.
I really liked that they had a shuttle service. The location was okay. It was located on a busy intersection. The breakfast was delicious. I had a great stay there.
Very clean and professional hotel
The location of the hotel is conveniently located within distance of tourist sites. The shuttle service was convenient, but sometimes it took a long time to wait for it. I confirmed a room with two double beds after I made the reservation, but when we got there, the only rooms available was with one bed...this wasn't very convenient. The room itself was not very clean...we were very disappointed with that. On the other hand, the complimentary breakfast was wonderful, and I like how they offer free parking.
Basic and reliable hotel with good services and prices