Howard Johnson Express Birmingham
Howard Johnson Express Birmingham
275 Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, Alabama
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one place that was friend comfortable was there for family would stay again when go back
not enough lighting.....microwave did not have a stand or a free pug in room to plug it in
The room just looked dirty, the bedspreads were stained, it had a seedy feel to it.
Some of the TV channels were snowy and didn't come in well.
The customer service was great. The room was the right size, and the a/c was wonderful. The building seemed very unstable, with cracks in the ceiling and water damage in the bathroom. It was fine to just find a quick place to sleep during our travel. It would not be a placet to stay very long.
It was not the nicest hotel. But for $70 per night, you don't expect the nicest hotel. It was a good deal, and I will likely stay there again.
The hotel was easy to find. It was close to eating establishments and easily accessible to UAB.