La Quinta Layton
La Quinta Layton
1965 North 1200 West, Layton, Utah
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the people above us were running in their room all night long...we had to call the front desk 3 times before they did anything.
My 2yo daughter fell ill during this trip. She had vomitted all over her clothing and some of her brother's clothing. I cleaned her up, went across the street and purchased laundry soap. I then returned to the hotel, went to the front desk and they were reluctant to give me quarters as they only had 'a few left.' After explaining the situation, I was able to purchase their last 'few' quarters. I went to the laundry facilities and loaded up the washer w/clothing and then added soap. I then deposited my money. The machine at a couple of my quarters. I went back to the front desk and the clerk was talking on a cell phone. I had to wait until that call was complete before I could relay my situation. I was told 'well, you took all of our quarters, so we can't give you your money back.' I asked for a $1.00 bill, which was the first money I had and exchanged for the quarters. The clerk said, 'Oh yeah, I supposed I could do that.' I was given my $1.00 back. I then had to run back across the street, to Walgreen's, to get more quarters. After I did this, I went back to the hotel and, again, deposited my quarters. No luck. I went back to the front desk and told them I, again, lost my quarters. I was told I could not get a refund because they didn't see me put in my quarters. I then asked to speak to the a janitor or housekeeping agent. A housekeeping manager met with me. I explained I could not get the washer to work, my clothes (with vomit on them) were in the wash covered in soap and I had to get the clothes washed. I explained that I had lost money and was being refused a refund. She then put her own money into the washer and it still didn't work. She told me it was 'out of order' and she would have to call the company that services--and, since this was on a weekend, that company would not service the washer until a weekday. Frustrated, I asked if AFTER the house did their laundry if I could somehow put my laundry in a washer of the hotels. I was told, 'under no circumstances is this allowed.' I asked for a plastic bag to gather my laundry. I was told I would have to wait and she would retrieve one. I waited over ten minutes and she never returned. I gathered all the items covered in liquid soap from the washer and carried them in my hands to my room. As I went past the breakfast area, she was sitting there, apparently taking a break, and watching television. The whole staff at this facility was lazy. Many talked on their cell phones on duty, desk clerks had friends stay for hours and sit and talk (overnight desk clerk), and some were rude. There were a few nice staff that tried to be and were helpful during my stay. However, they were few and far between. I did write a complaint about my stay and never even received a 'I am sorry' note or email--discouraging, seeing I stayed there for three days.
We were well pleased.
great price. nice rooms great pool & suana
I loved this La Quinta. It was clean and well kept. It had a great selection at the the morning self serve breakfast. The service was excellent. The desk clerk went above and beyond to help. World definetly stay there again.
Perfect location right off I15 next to a wonderful resturant and close to the mall. Amazing staff.