Days Inn North Bergen - New York City
Days Inn North Bergen - New York City
2750 Tonnelle Ave / I-495, I-495 & US 1 & 9, North Bergen, New Jersey
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My mother saw a mouse in the room. Also, I had requested to pay for half of the reservation as I had reserved two rooms, one for my mother and I and one for my friend and her mother. We were to stay for two nights, and my credit card was used to reserve the rooms. They charged one night to my card for each room, hence in order to have paid for half of the rooms, I should not have been charged for the second night. I was charged for one night and my friend was charged for one night, literally. Hence the cost of the rooms was not shared 50/50. I was not going to correct them after they had already charged our cards (and thus look like an ass to my friend).