Sheraton Crescent Hotel
Sheraton Crescent Hotel
2620 West Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona
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The rooms were spacious, clean and decorative. The closet had enough shelving for three people with large wardrobes. There was complementary water and goodies for guests to eat and drink. The location of the hotel was magnificent because there were areas where guests could lounge, have fun and relax. I enjoyed my stay at this hotel. I would recommend this hotel to several people because the service is good and the staff are willing to address concerns and help guests whever possible.
Bad location - difficult to get around and nothing to do.
Charging for internet service is an outrage. I drove to and from Phoenix staying at motels along the way, and all had internet service, and none charged. I will never stay there again unless internet is included.
The staff was very friendly and the beds were very comfortable.
no comment
Prices fluctuate to accomodate off peak (summer, very hot in AZ) rates. I like that. Everyone works hard to ensure a 100% pleasant stay.
horrible service.