Candlewood Suites Denver - Lakewood
Candlewood Suites Denver - Lakewood
895 Tabor Street, Golden, Colorado
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Not being able to get succeed in getting rid of the feathers in the room that I am alergic to. Their internet access is setup in a strange way and I ended up just taking my notebook to Starbucks to get my emails.
I am so amazed that all of the hotel are choosing to put in each and every room what more people are allergic to than any other thing? FEATHERS. If you are going to do why can?t you just set aside a few rooms as ?feathers free? kind of like smoking and non smoking rooms? My other issue is the all hotels are having the janitors setting up the internet access systems and most are so convoluted and never work right that I now go to Starbucks and pay the $10 a day to use the internet.
They are one of my top two hotels to stay in.
Room was very comfortable. Good location. Had smoking rooms.