Econo Lodge Willamette River
Econo Lodge Willamette River
345 N.W. Second Street, Corvallis, Oregon
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Clean, basic room for a very good price, convenient walking distance to needs, such as stores, restaurants.
The breakfast served was not very nutritous. It was donuts and some type of orange juice drink like Tang. I had a big day that day, and I was expecting a little more for what I paid. The room did not have an ironing board and an iron, which I needed, but there was one available at the front desk. There were also some stains on the walls.
The location was good, but the room could have been cleaner, and becuase of this quality, I think the price should have been lower. The breakfast was also not very good becuase the front desk told us they would have donuts and orange juice, but it wasn't orange juice, it was Tang or something. Plus, having donuts as the only option is not very nutritious, especially when going to a four hour presentation with interview.